Community members can join the show as emcees, preshow performers, or members of the World Folkfest Dance Ensemble.

To audition as an emcee or preshow performer, contact our production director, Patrice Bolen at


To audition to dance with the World Folkfest Dance Ensemble, please contact Lyndsey Wulfenstein at

Auditions for 2014 will be held April 12 at 9:00am at the Springville Art Shop (443 S. 200 E., Springville, Utah).

The World Folkfest Dance Ensemble will be performing a Country Western Swing and Line Dance for the opener and The Charleston for the finale. Members of the Dance Ensemble willbe required to attend the following activities:

  • Springville Art City Days Parade - June 14 | 9:00am
  • Spanish Fork Pioneer Day Parade - July 24 | 9:00am
  • Rehearsals - July 9,16,23,26 | Time and location TBA
  • World Folkfest - July 28,29,30 August 1,2 | 7:00-10:00pm

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