We would like to give a special thank you to all of our board members and committee members who volunteer their time and efforts each year to help make this event a complete success.

LYNN ELLIOTT - General Director
TARA EYRE - Production Director
DEAN OLSEN - City Council Representative
LORI SMITH - Secretary
DONNA BRECKENRIDGE - Group Relations Director

CHEVY PEASE - Events Director

MICHAEL FARRER - Financial Director
JIM ELSNER - Facilities Director
PAT CONOVER - Historical Director TEAM MEMBERS: Dirk Wilkinson | Emily Wilkinson
JONATHON WOOD - Marketing Director
TEAM MEMBERS: Ben Watson | Jesse Christopher | Christi Babbitt | Russell Wulfenstein
BENJAMIN WATSON - Fundraising Director
HEATHER QUASS - Housing Director
VALERIE BANDMANN - Director of Vendors

The Springville World Folkfest Board of directors would like to recognize the efforts of those who had the inspiration, insight and knowledge to organize our first Springville World Folkfest in 1986. These talented people were the backbone of our festival and activities, performances and other exchanges. We thank them for their many hours of hard work, making the path for those who followed easier.
FOUNDERS: George Frandsen | Kristine Harrington | Mary Bee Jensen | Karl Allred

FIRST BOARD - Organized Feburary 1987
George Frandsen | Kristine Harrington | Mary Bee Jensen | Karl Allred | Bart Skinner | Delora Bertelsen | Pete Roundy | Teddy Anderson | Brent Haymond | Colleen Drollinger | Bruce Olsen | Dennis Hill